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Kaikai's customer service department is composed of factory customer service and customer service at all sales points. If you need support, please call the service hotline: 0513-87581220 or send E-MAIL to the company mailbox:, or contact the online customer service directly by QQ. We will reply to you as soon as we receive your information.
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Kaikai Customer Service Department is a high executive team. Its work involves pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale service.
We adopt the principle of full-process service from customer inquiry, order maintenance to after-sales tracking, with the aim of "customer first", constantly improve and improve the management system, and strive to build a high-quality service network.
Our Service Commitment
Customer is the God of the enterprise, meeting the needs of customers is an important part of our work. We take "honesty as the foundation, serve customers, face the world and seek development forever" as our purpose, constantly pursue the newer and better service, meet the needs of users, and achieve sustainable win-win situation.
I. Pre-sale Service
1. We introduce our products, performance and indicators to our customers in detail.
2. Free training can be provided to our company if necessary.
3. The company set up a service hotline to answer the questions and problems about the products for users. The service hotline telephone number is 0513-87581220.
II. Service in Sale
1. Cargo tracking. Within one week after arrival, the customer service telephone contacts the customer and inquires about the arrival and acceptance of the goods, including whether the product quality can meet the customer's needs, the mode of transportation, packaging and other requirements of the customer.
2. Installation supervision service can be provided at customer's request to ensure that our products meet customer's requirements.
3. Major customer service visits once or twice in the first quarter to solicit opinions and solve problems raised by customers. Regular visits to customers, provide product information, new products and market situation reports and other omni-directional services.
III. After-sales Service
1. When product quality problems occur, customer complaints are received, customer service feedback processing plan is given within 4 hours, and service personnel come to the scene within 24 hours (48 hours in remote areas) to solve the problem.
2. The company is responsible for the maintenance and treatment of product quality problems arising during the normal warranty period. Our company can provide paid maintenance for quality problems beyond the warranty period.