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RUGAO KAIKAI TELECOM MATERIALS was founded in Y1991 , the company gained the ISO19001 quality management system certificate in Y1999, the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate in Y2004, and the GB28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate in Y2011 .
    Our Company Policy on Quality , Environmental , Occupational Health and Safety Management system is,
    Ø Customer Priority – Focus on and keep promise to RUGAO KAIKAI TELECOM MATERIALS customers,
    Ø Top quality – Satisfy our customers with high even quality, maintain the vitality of the enterprise,
    Ø Observe the law and regulations – Firmly keep compliance with the national and company laws and regulations, strictly follow up the operational process,
    Ø Pollution prevention and environment friendly – Take the environment protection as company responsibility,
    Ø People-oriented - Respect and trust the employees, create a stage for all employees’ self-actualization,
    Ø Safety First – Warranty a safe environment for all employees and external personnel in RUGAO KAIKAI TELECOM MATERIALS,
    Ø Energy saving - Take appropriate measures to reduce consumption, losses and pollutant emission, prevent wasting,
    Ø Continuous improvement - continue to take corrective actions to achieve the continuous improvement of company's Quality, Environmental , Occupational Health and Safety System.
Below is the relevant management system certification :